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The Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is the short form of Internet of things which means it involves all the communication and data transfer activity without any human interruption. In this evolution, the system involves all the mechanical and computing devices which are interconnected with each other and can do all the technical work from their network. The system doesn’t need any human interaction so it is called the internet of things. In this system for any technical activity or data transferring they have UIDs which means Unique Identifiers which help the system to recognize and help in the digital networking operations. In many fields like home security, smartphones and many wireless networks we can see the IoT technology. Without human-machine interaction, it also carries some drawbacks too because of their automated system with the advanced and sensor features.


IoT applications can be majorly seen at wireless and sensor devices and places which are interconnected with the networks like in home automation, the security of offices and homes by cameras, vehicles which are auto connected and interconnected health appliances. It is an energy-saving network which can turn off all the electric and energy-related sources like lights, fans, cameras automatically if not needed. By the help of security cameras, people can have safety assurance of their homes and working places at any time. This technology is hugely trending in the past few years because the market of automated technical devices and internet networking has boosted recently during the past years. The main motive of this technology is to boost more financial growth with a less human effort so it can finally result in more improvements in work efficiency but can reduce the physical work. The internet of things has enhanced more after the technology boost, the evolution of sensor devices, synchronous analytics, wireless systems and automated controlled networks. IoT systems are the most integral parts of smart homes today as to set from the sensor appliances to the digital and automated security system are its main advantages. From having wireless electric networks to promote the open-source ecosystems it helps in all the networks with less human effort. It can also help to assist the disable and old aged people with its voice command technology and can alert the users with their command or motion if there is any problem or danger around them. So in the making of a whole smart home, we can give a big thanks to the IoT system.


With so many advantages in different fields, it also has some drawbacks and the major one is its security measure. As with all the automation of cameras in security, there is the danger of leaking the privacy of all types of data or pictures. In many government offices or in the houses maintaining the users’ privacy is the basic and essential thing and with its digitalization and no human interruption, it can be very lethal to depend upon it from the safety measures. We rely on our smartphones to do a lot from keeping schedules to taking pictures and sending free snapchat nudes on adult social media sites. However, imagine if everything was controlled from our phones. That access being in the wrong hands, could be very detrimental. This is something to consider when thinking about IoT and our smartphones.

So, it is a man helping system basically designed to improve the efficiency of work in all aspects but as everything has its pros and cons so it is also not an exception.… Read the rest

The Evolution To 5G

Understanding the Entire Scenario of the Evolution of Internet to 5G

In the recent days, the new trend of 5G is getting to be known by people around the world. South Korea was the first one to provide 5G connection and it brought many amazing changes in the industry of mobiles. The devices of mobile renovated worldwide in various manners that we can never have thought of. Many of the nations are starting to acquire 5G and this is set for helping to drive big data and Internet of Things (IoT). Each and every wireless standard successive generation is termed to G in carrying the data capacity and reduce the latency. The 5G connection is set to be three times faster than the standards of 4G.

At present the fifth generation is under the implementation which is going to replace all the other generations in 2020. Many of the people think that 5G is expected to unleash the ecosystem of higher Internet of Things. It can be able to offer better speed, latency, and the price. The speed of the 5G is said to be 10 gigabits per second which is much faster than the 4G connectivity. It has large bandwidth but has shorter frequency compared with other generations of mobile networks. The utilization of shorter frequencies is the main purpose why the 5G connection is faster. The spectrum of 5G is said to offer expected boosting not only in the speed but also in offering quality, latency, and capacity. The technology of 5G provides a rate of low latency which is the delay among the sending and receiving of the data. When you compare 5G with 4G there is an improvement in the speed offered to the mobile networks and improvements of data speed, critical communication speed, and fresh IoT. This connectivity extends the services of broadband beyond the mobile internet to Internet of Things and the segments of critical communication. So, 5G connectivity is said to be a lot more when contrasted with other generation of mobile networks. To understand how we came till here; it is crucial to know the evolution from 1G to 5G.

Understanding the evolution of the internet to 5G

Let’s discuss the evolution from first generation to fifth generation to know the entire changes happened in the mobile industry.

Where it started – 1G:

The mobile networks first generation also termed as 1G was launched in Tokyo by Nippon Telegraph and Telephony. The united states were the one to approve the operations of 1G and later other nations also started these operations. But the innovation of 1G suffered from various disadvantages as the sound quality was low and coverage was poor. The support of roaming was different among different operators and several system functions on ranges of different frequency. Among the systems there was no compatibility as the calls are not encrypted. This paved a path to the second generation later.

The cultural revolution-2G:

The mobile networks of second generation termed as 2G was released under the standard of GSM. The digital voice calls and calls were able to be encrypted as seemed with clarity with low crackling of background and less static.

Yet 2G was more than the telecommunications as it helped in laying the groundwork. As the revolution of culture. People were able to send picture messages, text messages, and multimedia messages on their mobile devices. The 1G paved way to the digital future which is shown by the second generation. Even though the transfer speeds of 2G rushed to invest in the fresh framework like cell towers of mobile devices. The 2G brought a revolutionization and altered the world of business.

The packet switching revolution-3G:

It was launched by the DoCoMo in the year of 2001 which targeted in developing the network protocol utilized by the merchants. It changed the way that users can access the information from any of the area in the form of packets of data which can drive the standardized connectivity of web. This created the services of international roaming which made it a real thing for the first time. It has enhanced the capabilities of data transfer and also increased the administrations like voice over IP, video conferencing, and video streaming. The phone with 3G connectivity was blackberry with strong highlights.

The streaming era-4G:

It was deployed in Sweden, Norway, and Stockholm. It offered the high and best quality video streaming for millions of people over the world. It provides fast accessing of mobile wen which provides HQ video conferencing, gaming, and HD videos.

The mobile devices should be created specifically in supporting 4G unlike 2G and 3G. The rise of apple company is due to the utilization of 4G connectivity. 4G is the current standard organization across world-wide and has less penetration of 4G LTE.

The Internet of Things Era:

This generation was already in the creation compared with other generations. This era of generation was mentioned as the Internet of Things. The short term IoT became the digital revolution in sharing the data globally. The IoT will look at the information moving out of the centers of server and into the edge devices like enabled appliances of WIFI such as washing machines, cars, and fridges.

The connectivity of superior thing provided by 5G promised in transforming all the things from healthcare to banking. It provides the innovation possibilities like telemedicine, remote vital sign monitoring, and remote surgeries which could spare the lives of the people. You even see the use of the technology in the online dating space. This is especially true with mobile fuck sites and casual dating apps that match users based on location.

Thus, the 5G connectivity is poised in … Read the rest

The Most Famous Internet Memes

In recent days, you might have seen that the internet is flooded with many memes. Normally a meme is defined as a piece of text, video, image, humorous in natures. These memes are copied and are spread across the world through the users of the internet doing variations in little. You can find lots of prominent memes on Buzzfeed or Reddit, the people posting these memes believe that this is what the internet is created to do. You can find memes as the jokes which can make you laugh or crack a smile and this is good too for the health of people.

Let’s discuss the various memes which are popular on the internet nowadays.

Distracted boyfriend

It is the most unusual meme which was born from a stock image. It was actually clicked by a photographer and uploaded it to iStock. Later after two years, it started to circulate in the net and turned into a prominent meme with simpler captions added to picture. It is sowing the things happening in real life which will distract the people. It remained popular for many months and in the year 2018, it was totally banned by a company.

Tide pods

In the year 2017, just for only 10 seconds of popularity, a trend started to be distributed where the people started to record their videos eating the detergents of laundry. Uploading it in the YouTube brought it so much fame. This trend started to change as various memes which were named as tide pod challenge.

Grumpy Cat

It is an irritable pussy looking at the real name Tardar Sauce. This type of meme was shown on the Reddit platform in the year of 2012 when these grumpy cat photos were posted on the web. These photos of a grumpy cat were shown on the web with captions in variations which are expressing about distaste of whatever happening in around. It proved to be the prominent meme on the internet that it was printed on t-shirts, spawned on stuffed toys etc.

Ermahgerd girl

There was a post which mentioned as just a book owner smile in the year 2012. It is displayed in the Reddit platform with the glory that ermahgerd girl was born showing a girl. She is shown as the person with nerdy excitement and brandishing the Goosebumps book. The picture later became so popular with excitement levels of oh my god and great exclamation.

It was taken by Maggie Goldberger who was just playing dress-up with friends when the picture was taken. Most of them find it hilarious and later it became the most popular meme.

Bad luck Brian

Bad luck brain is the meme which highlights the young lad wearing a cheeky smile and tartan vest with braces. This was shown in the year 2012 on the Reddit platform and posted along with a caption explaining about different embarrassing situations.

First World Problems

It is appeared on the internet in various forms and utilizes different photographs involving a crying woman having her head in the hands. The picture main idea was to summarize the privileged people’s frustration about the world which is developed. The first world problem memes offered a tongue in cheek humor displaying fun at the problems of the first world.


It is the meme originatating from japan known as Domo Kun. In 1998, it was actually seen in the sketches. It has initially appeared in the form of a meme when both of the Domo Kuns was photoshopped into a picture for looking like they were following a kitten showing a threat about the god trying to kill it. It was shown in many iterations that it was started to be shown on disaster-based photos offering an impression that he is the reason for causing the misery.

Scumbag Steve

It’s the good guy Greg antithesis who stands for everything but Greg does not stand for anything. Because he doesn’t care about your feelings and he is selfish. The actual image of the scumbag Steve highlights a young man with a cap of a baseball standing towards the sideways near to the doorway. It was displayed in the year 2011 on the platform of Reddit as the most prominent meme on the internet. It normally shows the guy as the bad person who can borrow the cash and never pay it to the people in return or steal medication from his grandparents. But the actual photograph subject is of a rapper Blake Boston from the Beantown mafia who isn’t a bad person at all. Yet he became the most popular guy on the internet through the form of a meme.

Thus, these are some of the famous internet memes you could find on the web which became popular, trendy, and fun to read and enjoy by the people.… Read the rest