The Most Famous Internet Memes

In recent days, you might have seen that the internet is flooded with many memes. Normally a meme is defined as a piece of text, video, image, humorous in natures. These memes are copied and are spread across the world through the users of the internet doing variations in little. You can find lots of prominent memes on Buzzfeed or Reddit, the people posting these memes believe that this is what the internet is created to do. You can find memes as the jokes which can make you laugh or crack a smile and this is good too for the health of people.

Let’s discuss the various memes which are popular on the internet nowadays.

Distracted boyfriend

It is the most unusual meme which was born from a stock image. It was actually clicked by a photographer and uploaded it to iStock. Later after two years, it started to circulate in the net and turned into a prominent meme with simpler captions added to picture. It is sowing the things happening in real life which will distract the people. It remained popular for many months and in the year 2018, it was totally banned by a company.

Tide pods

In the year 2017, just for only 10 seconds of popularity, a trend started to be distributed where the people started to record their videos eating the detergents of laundry. Uploading it in the YouTube brought it so much fame. This trend started to change as various memes which were named as tide pod challenge.

Grumpy Cat

It is an irritable pussy looking at the real name Tardar Sauce. This type of meme was shown on the Reddit platform in the year of 2012 when these grumpy cat photos were posted on the web. These photos of a grumpy cat were shown on the web with captions in variations which are expressing about distaste of whatever happening in around. It proved to be the prominent meme on the internet that it was printed on t-shirts, spawned on stuffed toys etc.

Ermahgerd girl

There was a post which mentioned as just a book owner smile in the year 2012. It is displayed in the Reddit platform with the glory that ermahgerd girl was born showing a girl. She is shown as the person with nerdy excitement and brandishing the Goosebumps book. The picture later became so popular with excitement levels of oh my god and great exclamation.

It was taken by Maggie Goldberger who was just playing dress-up with friends when the picture was taken. Most of them find it hilarious and later it became the most popular meme.

Bad luck Brian

Bad luck brain is the meme which highlights the young lad wearing a cheeky smile and tartan vest with braces. This was shown in the year 2012 on the Reddit platform and posted along with a caption explaining about different embarrassing situations.

First World Problems

It is appeared on the internet in various forms and utilizes different photographs involving a crying woman having her head in the hands. The picture main idea was to summarize the privileged people’s frustration about the world which is developed. The first world problem memes offered a tongue in cheek humor displaying fun at the problems of the first world.


It is the meme originatating from japan known as Domo Kun. In 1998, it was actually seen in the sketches. It has initially appeared in the form of a meme when both of the Domo Kuns was photoshopped into a picture for looking like they were following a kitten showing a threat about the god trying to kill it. It was shown in many iterations that it was started to be shown on disaster-based photos offering an impression that he is the reason for causing the misery.

Scumbag Steve

It’s the good guy Greg antithesis who stands for everything but Greg does not stand for anything. Because he doesn’t care about your feelings and he is selfish. The actual image of the scumbag Steve highlights a young man with a cap of a baseball standing towards the sideways near to the doorway. It was displayed in the year 2011 on the platform of Reddit as the most prominent meme on the internet. It normally shows the guy as the bad person who can borrow the cash and never pay it to the people in return or steal medication from his grandparents. But the actual photograph subject is of a rapper Blake Boston from the Beantown mafia who isn’t a bad person at all. Yet he became the most popular guy on the internet through the form of a meme.

Thus, these are some of the famous internet memes you could find on the web which became popular, trendy, and fun to read and enjoy by the people.